Kris's year 2009 (and a large part of 2010) newsletter

3: July 2010: Surfing at Lyall Bay - Andy and had surfing lessons in May.  went back for some more practice!

26/27 June 2010: Mid-winter at Tora

12 June: 2010  Emily and Shara’s 40s party

March 2010: WOMAD

27 Feb 2010:  Tora Tsunami

Feb 2010:  Paragliding in Manilla, NSW, for two weeks

Jan 2010: Janet & Steve's place near Tapawera

Jan 2010:  Nelson Paragliding Open

Jan 2010: Golden Bay holidays

Dec 2009:  Waima Christmas

Dec 2009: Deborah and David’s wedding

15 November: Koromiko Rd street party 

November 2009: Old Coach Road - volunteer work to construct a bike trail

November 2009: 

November 2009: Louise Burnham – paragliding at Kourarau

October 2009: paragliding in Canungra, Queensland

Oct 2009  Wwoofers: Farley and Jacob

October 2009: Horopito tripods - an attempt at landscape sculpture

Sept 2009: WOW - my entry entitled White Flags in the 2009 World of Wearable Art show

4 September: Sotiri house turns 40

July 2009: $16,000 grant obtained to develop a restoration plan for Lake Te Rotokare 

Garden photos.... and step construction

20 Sept 2009: Paekakariki paragliding  

15 Aug 2009: The Affair - an interactive theatrical experience

Sept 2009: Basement 

April 2009: Kourarau paragliding 

April 2009: Marcus and Sarah’s party 

13 – 15 March 2009: WOMAD 

Feb 2009: work sent me to Mahia to do "night patrol" on a forest fire. 

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